Operation Freedom Guanajuato 2023

A team of six men from WHFC Edinburg and Cosecha Mundial Mexico (Manuel, Israel, Willy, Carlos, Juan Antonio and Isai) carried out a special ops mission in the state of Guanajuato.

The “Super Six”, a praise / prayer / preaching team,  arrived in Guanajuato on Friday late afternoon and were welcomed by Pastor Javier, a long time friend of the team that went.  They checked in to their airbnb and were invited for dinner to enjoy a typical Guanajuato cuisine, enchiladas mineras.  The team was blessed with the fellowship and it was joyful and humorous as usual. The team then confirmed the following day’s plans to Leon.

The team went to minister in Leon for the 2nd time in a newly formed church in the neighborhood of San Juan Bautista.  The new church is led by Pastor Chuy and Juanita and the joy of the Lord that is upon them is so awesome to observe.
Early Saturday morning, the Leones met up with Pastor Javier and Loyda and other members of the church from Peniel Guanajuato to travel to Leon for the special Saturday morning service.  The Teams drove through pot-holed-ridden streets to the dusty roads of the neighborhood we were visiting. Driving through clouds of dust we finally made it to where Pastor Chuy was waiting for us. The place was decorated as if a celebration was about to take place and it was!!! The Leones started with songs of praise as Carlos and Isai led the team and the church in a joyful and a grateful praise to the Lord! It was such a joy to see people dance, sing and jump as they celebrated the King of Kings! After the Songs of Praise, Manuel, Carlos, Isai and Juan Antonio shared a specific Word for the people and it was greatly received. After the men ministered, Willy called all the kids to the front and all the men laid hands on them and prophesied over them.  It is amazing to see how these children respond to the word that was spoken over them.  
As the service ended, Pastor Chuy mentioned that fruit from the men’s last visit had come forth and he called two families to share their testimony.  One testimony was directly related to last year's visit when Willy and the Leones shared with the kids about laying hands on the sick and they shall recover according to Jesus' instructions.  The men had prayed for a young 4 yr old last year that was suffering constant seizures and she did get better. Weeks later she was suffering a great seizure and one of the kids told his mom that they were to lay hands on her because they remembered what had been taught to them.  They laid hands on her and she quickly recovered-Glory to God!! According to the mom, she has been free from that! There were tears from every adult flowing in that place.  The other testimony was that of another young challenged child that had been prayed for last time but he was very resistant when the men would near him.  The men persevered and still prayed for him last year.  This year the child has gotten so much better and a spirit of joy and peace is upon him. He was in the front smiling and even helping when the food was being brought out.  Willy then shared some Word and prophesied over the children of that colonia and the people are receptive and expecting great things from the Lord.
It was difficult to leave Leon but after many hugs and shaking of hands the Leones returned to Guanajuato to prepare for a Praise Service in San Fernando Plaza. The Leones along with the local church, Peniel Guanajuato,  created a joyful and peaceful atmosphere of praise and worship that was received by all the tourists and visitors.  They danced to the different joyful rhythms and took videos and pictures as they stood in front of the teams of musicians.  It was a great time of praise and it was such a blessing to do this publicly without any resistance.  In fact, Manny recalls noticing that as soon as the music started some restaurants were immediately filled as it seemed that people were really wanting to hear music.  We believe that people experienced the Lord on this beautiful Saturday evening.
On Sunday morning the Leones got ready early to travel now to Peniel Guanajuato Church (pastored by Javier and Loyda Valenzuela)  located on the outskirts of Guanajuato.   The Leones arrived, set up, and quickly started praising.  Carlos and Isai led as Israel, Juan and Willy joined in the praise. It is so easy to minister through praise in a place that enjoys praising Father God! While praise and worship went forth Willy and Manny laid hands and prophesied over many people that came forth for healing and deliverance.  It was such a blessing to see the hand of God move and bring freedom in their lives.  A family dealing with suicidal attempts and thoughts were prayed for as well during the service and we will continue to keep believing that they are free.  The service continued with a great move of God and Operation Freedom came to a successful close.  The church ended with a great time of fellowship and food.  The Leones were greatly blessed and prepared their journey home.  
On the way home the men rejoiced and talked about all that the Lord did on this trip.  We continue in prayer for the new church in Leon, Colonia San Juan Bautista, under the leadership of Pastor Chuy and Juanita and for their founding pastors at Peniel Guanajuato, Javier and Loyda Valenzuela.  The men were greatly blessed that they were chosen to carry out this mission and also greatly blessed for the support of their families and the churches they represent.