Los Leones in Guanajuato

Leones in Guanajuato 2022
On March 4th, Willy and Israel, members of Los Leones, WHFC's outreach Tejano band, left for Cd. Victoria and their journey to Guanajuato would begin.  Pastor Javier from Guanajuato had invited Willy and the Leones to minister at his church and at a new mission being started in Leon, Guanajuato. The Leones gladly agreed and the trip was planned.  

Early Friday morning, Willy and Israel picked up Carlos and Juan Antonio, from Cosecha Mundial Cd. Victoria and they started the 6 ½ hour drive to Guanajuato. About an hour into the road the men stopped for breakfast in Jaumave to enjoy San Pedro’s tasty “gorditas” that are served to order as you sit outdoors and enjoy the beautiful mountainous scenery, the gorditas with their special salsas, and cafe de olla.  The men enjoyed their breakfast and then at Carlos’ suggestion, stopped in Tula, Tamaulipas, the only city that's considered a magical town of the state...and it is!
The men enjoyed the specialty ice cream and the famous elote en vaso.  The smooth trip then continued as the men enjoyed the beautiful and serene drive to Guanajuato.  
  The men arrived in Guanajuato with Javier and Loyda (Pastors at Peniel Guanajuato) and the fellowship began.   That evening the men checked in to Javier and Loyda’s beautiful house that overlooks the majestic city.  That night was spent at the kitchen table rejoicing and planning the weekend services.  

Early Saturday morning the Leones, the Pastors and about 10 people from the local church in Guanajuato met on the outskirts of the city to begin the hour-long trip to Leon.  A couple from the Home church in Guanajuato, Chuy and Juanita, have started a ministry in a very impoverished neighborhood on the outskirts of Leon. The plan was to join them for a Special Saturday morning service as The Leones would lead praise and Willy would preach the Word.  As the Leones drove to the location they were amazed at so much poverty-unfinished broken homes, sandy dirt roads, cloth/tarp fashioned front doors, excess trash and construction debris everywhere but at the reunion site there was a bright light shining-the Body of Christ!!! The people were ready and the Leones led them in a great and very joy filled praise time.  Willy then preached a word of encouragement that helped lift people’s spirits and an injection of hope went forth.  Willy and the men then laid hands on the beautiful children in attendance, they were soaking up the Word that was being ministered to them and the anointing was present for them to partake of.  Willy taught them to lay hands on the sick, to pray and speak healing all in the name of Jesus and the revelation that the kids were receiving was evident.  After a glory filled service, the Pastors and local members served a delicious meal of pozole, pollo en mole, arroz and frijoles much to the people’s satisfaction.  The Leones and the rest of the people rejoiced and returned to the city of Guanajuato to rest for the next day’s service at Peniel Guanajuato Church.  
Early Sunday morning, The Leones and Pastors enjoyed a time of fellowship over some cafe con pan and some fruit.  The drive to Peniel Guanajuato is a bit of a combination of city and mountainous terrain because the church is on a part of a mountain so it takes a while to get there.  The church was buzzing when they got there and the praise began. It's so amazing to see a dance team and a flag/banner team that sways with the beat of the music-very refreshing to see that.  Willy then ministered on being surrounded by people that will encourage and not discourage you.  A time of prayer was also made available and Carlos and the Pastors ministered to the local body.  After a great service, the church became a place of great fellowship as they shared in some food that was served immediately after.  Everyone enjoyed a great time!  
The Leones were very blessed to have been part of this great weekend and they look forward to seeing the seed that was sown grow into maturity and produce much fruit.  This was the third time in the past five years that The Leones have ministered in Guanajuato and the alliance continues to grow and prosper.