Total Man Fellowship - Rio Bravo

On Saturday, May 21st,  men representing World Harvest Edinburg and Cosecha Mundial Mexico met in Rio Bravo for a Total Man Meeting.  The meeting was highly anticipated by the men as some came from Cd. Victoria that early morning and the others gathered from Edinburg. They then rode together into Rio Bravo in two vehicles.  The fellowship began!

The meeting’s purpose was to praise, pray, and fellowship.  

The men started the service with a time of praise led by the Leones en JesuCristo.  The Spirit of Worship and Joy was evident as Willy encouraged the men to freely worship him and enjoy a time of refreshing.  
Some of the men also laid hands on each other and prophesied over.  Brother Manny then shared a Word on being patient that was well-received by the men. Part of the meeting’s purpose was to be interactive and Brother Manny did this by having everyone read related scripture.  
As soon as the message was preached the men had dinner as it had already been prepared beforehand.  The men decided to make it an American-style dinner that included pulled pork sandwiches prepared by Nick, creamed corn with jalapeno prepared by Cynde and some baked beans.  Everything was delicious and our Mexican brothers appreciated the gesture of eating something different. While eating,  Pastor Willy had the men seated and organized in a circle so they could have better fellowship.  

Soon after the meal, the men shared a report of their perspective churches. Juan, from Edinburg, shared about how the House is being filled. Josue, from Rio Bravo, shared that the church is growing in numbers and in faith. Carlos, who is from Cd. Victoria but ministers in Voz Campesina, shared that the church is also growing in unity. Pepe, from Cd. Victoria but also ministers in Cd. Mante, shared about the unity as well in that church and reports that the Body is becoming a family. Fernando shared on behalf of Cosecha Mundial Victoria and told how the church is increasing in membership and not just in visitors.  

After the report of the churches, the men then prayed over the leaders of the churches starting with Pastors Jaime, Stephanie, Jose, and Jeanette. After prayer, the men continued to pray for one another and prophetic Word went forth to some of them.  

After the meeting the men from Edinburg and Victoria returned to Edinburg and continued the great time of fellowship as they drove home with God’s grace and favor.
The Victoria men spent the night in Edinburg and then attended Sunday service at World Harvest Family Church where they were given the opportunity to greet their Edinburg family. They each took the time to uplift with encouraging words and lots of love. The Edinburg family then surrounded them and uplifted them in prayer as leaders of the Church in Mexico.
It was a great weekend in which the Spirit, soul, and body were ministered to.  The vision of strengthening men in the Word and in faith continues to be at the forefront of our ministry! We hope to continue strengthening our leaders and have plans for more meetings soon!

Thank you for your support of the ministry here at World Harvest Family Church and at our partner churches in Mexico. If you would like to learn more about our Mexico outreaches and churches, and/or would like to visit in the future, please see or email Pastor Willy.