Grupo Fe April Meeting Report

Dead to Self | Alive to Christ!

Grupo Fe is our Spanish-Speaking small group bible study group and this month they met at Pastor Jaime and Stephanie's house in order to make use of their pool for a very special occasion!
The ladies of Grupo Fe have been studying about the Fullness of God and had just learned about what baptism is and what it signifies last month. This month, those ladies who had not been baptized in water yet, chose to do so at their special Resurrection Day meeting!
Congratulations to our newest group members from Ciudad Victoria who made that decision to outwardly and publicly display what God has already done within!
After the bible study, we took communion together, and then the ladies made their way to the back yard to courageously brave the cold water! They got 'immersed' in water, 'died' to selves, and 'rose again' as new creations! Praise God!
We then enjoyed a wonderful dinner and time of fellowship.
If you know of someone who speaks Spanish and would enjoy attending a small-group bible study as the one described above, please find Mrs. Jeanette Andrade or any member of Grupo Fe to get details about our next meeting. It is tentatively scheduled for Cinco de Mayo! You can't forget THAT date! Stay tuned on the web, or using our church app for event details.
Grupo Fe desires that you have a wonderful and powerful RESURRECTION SUNDAY!